Can we get the horrible Olympics canceled?

This is one very angry anti-Olympics clip. It begins: "In 1936, the Nazis introduced the Olympic torch relay to the world. Since then, the Olympics have acted as a fascist Trojan horse, masquerading as an international sporting event, but benefiting the military-industrial complex." It's punctuated by a distorted "Wake up!" cry (sounds like Satan), and accompanied by newsreel footage of Hitler in Berlin along with assorted protest imagery. Whatever the merits of their cause, they're undermined here. The Hitler card feels like an insensitive stretch, sorely out of place. And references to "the military-industrial complex" have made eyes roll since before Mark Spitz won all those medals in the early '70s. It's impossible to turn up the volume and rally support for a message that can be so easily tuned out. Via Osocio.

—Posted by David Gianatasio