Can’t we have some good iPhone games?

Will the iPhone frenzy never end? Clearly, not until I get one. The AP reports that 350 software developers attended “an ad hoc jam session” for the iPhone last weekend in Silicon Valley. Thankfully, they didn’t play music, but instead developed a bunch of Web-based applications for the hot new product. I can’t write code, but I still should have been invited. The best these geeks could come up with included “Tilt,” which features “a creature who likes to eat falling leaves and butterflies” (why not call it “Jobs”?) and “iPhoneVote,” a real-time polling program that still won’t help Chris Dodd get elected president. You can check out a directory of iPhone applications here. I still think I could have designed something more innovative. Like … a tennis-style game that goes “Blip! Blip!” Wait, that’s Blip. OK, how about a game with a big angry ape or two Sicilian brothers?

—Posted by David Gianatasio