Can Someone Snip This Toyota Umbilical-Cord Spot?

Many's the time I've thought, What would life be like if I still had an umbilical cord connected to my navel? Sure, I've got too much free time to think about crap. But so does Toyota, apparently, because that rather strained metaphor for arrested development fuels this spot introducing the automaker's Aygo compact city car to South Africa. We learn, unsurprisingly, in mildly unsettling but amusing slapstick vignettes, that life would be rough if you still had your umbilical cord, as it would sabotage swan dives, bowling nights, soccer games, skateboarding, and any number of other ordinary activities. Maybe they should try tetherball. The commercial notes that folks can cut the cord and grow up a bit by purchasing an Aygo. (Yeah, no, it doesn't make much sense, does it?) Nevertheless, an umbilical cord might actually come in handy when the ne'er-do-well twentysomethings need to rope in their mums to help with the car payments. Via The Denver Egotist.