Can McDonald’s Turn an Awkward Blind Date Into Something That’s Actually Fun?

Burnett tries fast-food rom com

McDonald's won't just sate your hunger and comfort you when you're down. It will actually save your aborted love life.

Or so claims a new U.K. ad from Leo Burnett London. The burger chain plays matchmaker, featuring a couple with basically no chemistry on what appears to be a first date. That is, at least, until the end, after they've parted ways unceremoniously and slunk off separately to grab a bite at McDonald's, where … well, you'll see.

It's a nice thought for a brand that trades in tasty greasiness and the illusion of happiness. He's like a British Bradley Cooper. She's like a British Alison Brie. The tight scenes—a nonsense art gallery, a botched trip to the bowling lanes—contribute to the credible sense of awkwardness. And coincidences that might serve as ice(berg) breakers (sorry) could easily be mistaken for fate (especially because the relatively small menu seems to improve the odds of alignment).

Unfortunately, the ending really is nothing but a deus ex (big) mac-hina (sorry, again). Given their social skills—or lack thereof—running into each other again would probably, in reality, just make the whole situation even worse.

Are they really going to sit together at that point? How long can they talk about french fries and barbecue sauce, when they clearly have nothing else in common? Plus, even if it goes well, they're probably just replacing heartache with stomachaches. Then they'll have to say goodbye all over again—and it's highly doubtful either is carrying a breath mint.

In all seriousness, though, it's a sweet story, especially if you like that fake strawberry flavor.

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