Can Emoji Vibrators Close the ‘Climax Gap’ Between Women and Men?

The eggplant's higher calling

Women still earn about 80 cents on the dollar compared to men, but change is afoot on the fempowerment front, with real representation in the media, an uptick in women-owned businesses, reproductive-rights gains and even a female president on the horizon.

Meantime, says a new ad for a product called the Emojibator, “let’s close the climax gap” with sex toys modeled on the infamous eggplant and chili pepper emojis. (Yes, these are real, in all their red and purple glory).

The cheeky digital and social campaign, running through July, came from research that showed women have 30 percent fewer orgasms than men and that men talk openly about masturbation while women report it’s not exactly the lead topic of their cocktail conversations.

Emojibator co-founder and CMO Kris Jandler wanted the two videos to introduce the year-old “laughter-inducing brand” that’s “uniquely positioned to disrupt our orgasm-shaming culture and to educate women on their self-pleasure powers.”

The ads, from indie shop Terri & Sandy, debut for International Masturbation Month (also real) and feature women taking charge of their own sexuality while men fumble around trying to answer the question, “How do you get a woman to climax?” Among their answers, which include ridiculous pantomime: “It’s like playing the drums quietly,” “Throwing a dart,” Working a tiny yo-yo,” and “Petting a stranger’s dog.”

No wonder there’s such a pleasure disparity.

Client: Emojibator
Founder: Joe Vela
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer: Kris Jandler

Agency: Terri & Sandy
Executive Creative Directors: Terri Meyer, Sandy Greenberg
Creative Director/Copywriter: Scott Rosenblit
Art Director: Kyle Janisch
Copywriter: Earl Myers
Account Supervisor: Dani Blevins
Senior Account Executive: Emily McCormick

Production Company: Reform School
Director: Evan Silver
Producer: Ryan Ennis

Editorial: Lost Planet
Editor: Mike Sobo
Assistant Editor: Juliana Rodzinski

Sound: Jeff Gordon Productions
Sound Designer: Jeff Gordon

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