Can Atlanta get it right this time?

Atlanta_logo_1Being a former Atlantan, (or ATLien), home of Coke and snarls of traffic, I was excited to read about Atlanta’s new marketing push, beginning this month, with a new theme song, "The ATL" (we tried to find a link to it, but only came up with links to the airport) and a new $4.5 million marketing campaign and slogan, which the city sorely needs. Atlanta always has trouble with these kind of things, however; an AP article kindly reminds us of the mascot for the 1996 Olympic games, Izzy, which was a big blue …  something. The mascot was unveiled to universal ambivalence, and was called Whatisit (evocative of the current eBay campaign, no?), until a contest to rename the thing came up with Izzy, which most people thought wasn’t much better. Hopefully this time around things will go better. The new slogan will be unveiled Nov. 10. Here’s hoping it will be a better one than the one for New Jersey, which openly acknowledges that people think the state is for losers.

—Posted by Mae Anderson