Campbell Ewald Live-Streams Hatching and Feeding of Baby Peregrine Falcon on Its Roof

Because why not?

What does an ad agency do when it realizes Peregrine falcons have laid eggs on its roof? It whips up a cool logo, builds a Tumblr, chooses a hashtag, sets up a webcam, and turns the whole thing into a mini social-media event. It all began at Campbell Ewald a few weeks ago. Today, at approximately 5:54 a.m. CT, the first egg hatched. Check out all the #CEfalcons action over at There's some cute videos on there, although it's not going completely smoothly for the first baby falcon (called an "eyasses," actually). In one video, "Mamma Falcon tries her best to force the new baby back into its egg, less than three hours after it was born." BBDO had better guard its National Geographic account closely in the wake of this.