Campbell-Ewald is hugging a bunch of trees

Tired, perhaps, of choking on the noxious smog that hangs over Detroit (look, it ain’t Vermont!), Campbell-Ewald is launching a green-marketing practice called Garden. From the release: “Garden will help marketers reflect their environmental initiatives in messages that connect consumers’ needs with client products that contribute to a greener planet.” Awesome! There’s something called the “Garden Grow Process,” and “social audits” are referenced. Also, staffers will apparently be fired for drinking bottled water. Though I could be wrong about that, because I wasn’t really paying attention. Here’s a trippy clip from The Magic Garden. I used to watch it when I was in pre-school. C-E’s announcement made me think of the program: Every day in the garden was happy and peaceful and filled with song. Will they merrily sing “How Dry I Am” at C-E when the new eco-friendly water dispensers break down? (OK, I still watch The Magic Garden. There, I zinged myself. Happy now, C-E?)

—Posted by David Gianatasio