Camouflaged beer really sneaks up on you

"If a day’s activity calls for a fishing rod or a hunting rifle, a beer cooler may be nearby, too." This is according to Brandweek, which explains that Miller and Anheuser-Busch are offering camouflage cans and related promotions. Mixing firearms and alcohol: what could go wrong? Last year, Miller came out with limited-edition “blaze orange” cans, so the drunken hunters at least had a chance of hitting them. The “camo cans,” rolling out in October, will blend in perfectly with the scenery. How will the soused sportsmen spot them in the brush? Check out the three generations of happy hunters on this book cover—it sure looks like Billy and Grandpa have had a few. And I wouldn’t want to wind up on the pointy end of Ted Nugent’s crossbow after the Motor City Madman has tossed back a few cold ones. Here’s Ted in his heyday performing “Catch Scratch Fever.” It’s more about wild life than wildlife, if you catch my drift.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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