California Ad Urges Kim Kardashian to Pay More Taxes

Courage Campaign tries celeb angle

Since California's legislature is too broken to agree on a budget, progressive advocacy group the Courage Campaign has to literally beg Kim Kardashian to support higher taxes on the state's millionaires. "Surprisingly, [Kim] pays only 1 percentage point more in taxes than the average Californian, 9.3 percent," the organization says, adding that surely someone "who proudly boasts three separate closets for shoes, including one of her favorites, a pair of $2,500 Christian Louboutin lace and python booties," could stand to pay a little more. Why they think someone who just wasted heaps of money on a sham marriage/publicity stunt would care about poor people is beyond me, but she's been outspoken about other issues in the past—GLBT rights, the Armenian genocide—so there's a chance she'll participate. Whether she knows it or not, she's a natural fit. Who better to speak for a middle class getting figuratively peed on than someone who has actually been peed on?