Calgary film fest relishes rejecting directors


Wax’s promos for the Calgary International Film Festival, designed to illustrate that “Only the best films make it,” are mildly diverting, but probably wouldn’t pass muster at the actual show. The breakfast scenario (below) with a rejected auteur pouring liquor on his cereal fares best. Frankly, I thought everyone started the day that way. See three more spots after the jump. The one set at a filmmaker’s yard sale, with the faux Hollywood type petulantly hurling change at a little girl, is OK—but all of these should’ve gone much further. Had the tyke drawn a Glock and opened up on the poseur, then we’d have something special. Luckily, this spot for next year’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Lisbon, Portugal, doesn’t hold back. The Quentin Tarantino spoof, by Fuel, features a heated argument among a queer bunch of criminals over code-names for the big heist features lines like, “Shut up you fuckers, I am Mr. Pink!” before the bullets fly. Whoa, those dudes are such bitches!