Cadbury Can (and Will) Boogie in This Charming Ad

Disco classic makes a comeback

Cadbury and Fallon London, the pair that brought us the Internet's legendary drumming gorilla, are back with a charming spot called "Yes Sir, I WILL Boogie in the Office."

As many of us have likely done while stuck on a call, logistics manager Keith decides to just roll with it and jam out to the hold music, "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" by '70s disco duo Baccara. 

That's pretty much the whole thing, at least in the :60 cut for TV. In the extended version created for cinema, which you can watch below, Keith goes on a roll and takes his moves across the office.

It's not the most elaborate spot ever, but with 730,000 views of the 60-second version already, it's clearly winning over its share of chocolate lovers and boogie bosses.