Cactus taking fresh look at Colorado’s balls

Let's look at this ballsy campaign by Cactus for the Colorado Powerball lottery. The agency was told to refresh the existing digital-signage campaign while maintaining the motif of six big red balls signifying the six zeroes of a multimillion-dollar jackpot. The solution was to rearrange the balls and tweak the backgrounds to represent gears, circuitry, chemical formulas and such, illustrating that Powerball has been "re-engineered," "re-wired," "re-programmed," etc., to yield faster-growing jackpots. The resulting boards seem a bit hard to read (is the jackpot just $173?). Also, what happens if the jackpot does indeed "grow faster" and tops $1 billion? Six orbs wouldn't work anymore, and the lottery would have to bag those balls and try a different approach. OK, I just wanted to write "bag those balls." I suppose if the jackpot did reach $1 billion, they'd just add a seventh ball. Which would be easy, since they've clearly got lots of balls in Denver.

—Posted by David Gianatasio