C. Montgomery Burns blogging for JetBlue

Burns “Who taught you to be a robber baron? Mother Theresa?” That’s C. Montgomery Burns of The Simpsons chiding JetBlue founder David Neeleman for his wimpy customer-first business practices. Burns, of course, could care less if people are trapped on airplanes for hours on end. And he’s imparting the wisdom of that devil-may-care attitude during his current guest stint as a JetBlue blogger (a fun component of the marketing campaign for the Simpsons movie). “Here’s my newest attempt at robbing a man of his livelihood,” Burns writes. “I have temporarily taken over David Neeleman’s Log as I believe I have more efficient ways to run this airline. I could crush him like an ant.” Possible upcoming slogan: “JetBlue. Release the hounds.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd