C-K floating the idea of lighter CorningWare

Cramer-Krasselt introduces the concept of lighter CorningWare in this commercial, which shows dinner guests levitating around a room. See Adweek's writeup here. The point: that the company's SimplyLite line is "50 percent lighter than traditional ceramic bakeware." Sounds great, but how heavy is the regular stuff? I can lift it just fine. Who complained that it was too onerous? Was it that 98-pound wimp with the pigeon chest who gets sand kicked in his face in the comic-book ads? Maybe it's my arrested adolescent sensibility, but seeing dinner guests rising up toward the ceiling makes me wonder if they're suffering Willy Wonka-esque bloating (best avoided in mixed company) or enjoying a subversive, mind-expanding experience. Dude, what's in the lasagna?

—Posted by David Gianatasio