Buyral: When Your Video Absolutely, Positively Has to Go Viral

From the folks who brought you catvertising

Clients are obsessed with it—how do you make a video go viral? Now, there's a simple, foolproof solution. Just call Buyral, the pioneer in getting children, interns, the elderly and an increasingly complex array of machines to click furiously on your videos, sending view counts into the stratosphere, where they can mingle with Felix Baumgartner and every other branded YouTube star. Best of all, it's affordable! Just $59.99 gets you a staggering 25 million views. (Hell, Red Bull's Baumgartner mission highlights video has only 29 million, and they spent way more than 60 bucks on that.) Buyral is another pitch-perfect parody by Toronto agency John St., which previously brought you the Pink Ponies birthday-party case study and the famous Catvertising video. Whatever real work it may or may not do for actual clients, this is one agency that knows a thing or two about viral, minus the buy part.