Buy a Dodge, get a painful red rash

DodgerashIt’s always a sure sign that you’ve connected closely with a brand when you leave with a itchy rash. That’s Dodge’s thinking, as it celebrates its launch in Europe with a set of viral videos on that show tough, aggressive young people branded with a “mystery rash” in the form of the Dodge Ram logo. In one video, a woman finds the rash on her ass, then shatters the porcelain sink with her noggin as she leans over. Other videos show a woman breaking a door down and flattening her grandmother and a bride punching out her fiancé. Both have the mystery rash, for which there’s no obvious cream. Chrysler’s head of global sales and marketing says, “In terms of pushing the envelope, this is probably it. Will it upset some people? Probably.” That may be wishful thinking.

—Posted by Tim Nudd