‘BusinessWeek’ unveils Fine’s media blog

Jonfine_1One of the things we’ve enjoyed about the first week of Fine on Media, the brand-new media and advertising blog from BusinessWeek’s Jon Fine, are the time stamps on the items. The blurb about the Wall Street Journal’s Saturday edition? Posted Tuesday morning at 1:10 a.m. Possibly while Fine was wearing pajamas. That’s the spirit. Fine on Media joins other BusinessWeek blogs such as David Kiley’s Brand New Day. As far as the content goes, Fine’s done a couple of items a day so far, and he’s focusing more on people like Bill Keller than people like Steven Seagal. But he’s having his share of fun, including printing a priceless quote yesterday from an ANA conference speaker who described the ad industry (apparently unironically) as “the most socially responsible industry in America.” UPDATE: CMO’s Constantine von Hoffman tells us the mystery speaker was none other than the ANA’s own Bob Liodice. Read more about it on Hoffman’s excellent blog, Collateral Damage.

—Posted by Tim Nudd