Bush puts public broadcasting under knife

Memo to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting: Take a cue from the characters in those ’70s Britcoms you’ve run day and night for the past 20 years and keep a stiff upper lip! Quit whining, OK? Sure, Bush’s proposed budget cuts would halve your funding from $820 million to $420 million over the next two years. Maybe you could cut back on tote bags. Or Barney. Or Elmo. Hit up those law firms and private endowments that run ads—er, that sponsor your programming. And be glad you still get that nearly half-a-bil handout, because we in the private media sector sure don’t. And why am I never invited to appear on Greater Boston or Beat the Press? Whose kid do I have to be—Andy Rooney’s? That was a cheap shot, and I’m sorry. I miss Carmen Sandiego, that’s all. I play my Rockapella CD every day. (And please, disregard that headshot I e-mailed a while back. The Rogaine’s changed everything.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio