‘Bus Uncle’ bullies his way to Web infamy

The incident happened more than a month ago and half a world away, but the mainstream media, in this case the Wall Street Journal, yesterday picked up on the strange and wonderful story of Bus Uncle. According to the story, 23-year-old Elvis Ho was riding a bus in Hong Kong when he tapped the shoulder of an older man. Addressing him in Cantonese as “Uncle,” a common and respectful way to address an older male stranger, Ho asked him to speak more quietly on his cell phone. The man turned around and berated Ho for several minutes, and included some not-so-nice descriptions of what he’d like to do to Ho’s mother. A fellow passenger captured the action on his cell-phone camera, posted it to YouTube, and ever since, the man who humiliated Elvis Ho has been known as “Bus Uncle.” His rant has also turned the declaration “I’m under pressure!” into an Asian punch line. Luckily for AdFreak, some company has figured out how to capitalize on this whole shebang, although we’re not quite sure what’s being advertised here, because we only speak English.

—Posted by Kathleen Sampey