Burt's Bees Puts a Fresh Face on Billboards and Coupons

Removing vouchers reveals hydrated model beneath

To promote its new Intense Hydration line, Burt's Bees placed a clever "interactive" billboard on a busy street in Minneapolis. The sign showed a woman whose dry skin was made up of thousands of product coupons. These "flakes" were peeled away by folks passing by over the course of a day, revealing an image of the same model with a creamier (presumably hydrated) complexion. The "before and after" effect can be seen in the time-lapse clip below, and the still images below that. The video sends you to Burt's Facebook page, where you can get your own coupons. The video by Baldwin& has garnered 30,000 YouTube views in a week. That's fairly sweet for Burt's Bees, which, let's face it, isn't exactly the sexiest drone in the hive. It's kind of creepy to think that passersby were symbolically peeling off a human being's skin. But this is Minneapolis, so I guess anything goes. The client was lucky some joker didn't come along right at the beginning and snatch all 1,300 coupons in a skin-care-savings frenzy, forcing them to set up the whole thing again.