Burger King’s Ugoff Is Reborn as Tidy Cats’ Hans Hansenburg

Daniel Raymont's new character is familiar

Ever wonder what happened to Ugoff, the flamboyant (and fictional) fashion designer featured in Burger King's 2004 ads for fire-grilled salads? Apparently he's now going by Hans Hansenberg and working as a "Tidy Cats innovationist." Actor Daniel Raymont revives his German accent in the new spots for Tidy Cats' two-handled container, supposedly invented by the James Dyson-esque Hansenberg to end decades of disastrous litter spills from traditional boxes and bags. Accent aside, the mild-mannered Hans is definitely a departure from the over-the-top Ugoff, who chewed up the scenery in the early BK spots by Crispin Porter + Bogusky and director Roman Coppola. But it's hard to see the eccentric frames, shock of black hair and thick mutton chops in the Tidy Cats ads without hoping he'll stop, glare at the camera and say, "Please. I'm Ugoff." Check out more of the new Tidy Cats work and the Ugoff originals after the jump.