Burger King Takes Laziness to a New Level With Its French Fry Burger

Two great tastes are finally together

Nothing complements flame-grilled perfection better than golden fries, right? The problem is, it's too much work to eat a burger, then put it down, and then pick up, dip and eat a french fry. It's madness really. (Lightbulb!) Thankfully, Burger King has answered our prayers with the "French Fry Burger." It's a burger topped with, you guessed it, delicious french fries. The chain will be offering the flame-grilled masterpiece starting Sept. 1 through the fall for $1 in an effort to push back against McDonald's Dollar Menu. Now, if only Burger King could manage to work out a burger, fry and drink sandwich. Now, that would be impressive.

@iamjohntejada john.tejada@adweek.com John Tejada is a video producer for Adweek.