Is Burger King putting a hit on Musharraf?

No, I don’t really think this macabre European ad for Burger King is taking aim at Pakistan’s “president for as long as I want to be” Pervez Musharraf. (It actually looks a bit more like Manuel Noriega.) But you know someone’s bound to raise a ruckus (or at least an eyebrow) over a political assassination- themed ad that comes so soon after a major political assassination. For that matter, has there ever been an ad that succeeded in finding humor in assassination? (If so, it wasn’t this one.) All that said, I’m still more freaked out by the BK campaign’s highly unappetizing whorehouse, which says you can choose whether you like it “pickle in” or “pickle out.” I’m going to vote “pickle out.” Or better yet, “pickle really far away from my food.” Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Griner