Burger King Offers an Adults-Only Valentine’s Day Meal, With a Different Kind of Toy Inside

Why should kids have all the fun?

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Fast-food chains have done a lot of goofy things for Valentine’s Day over the years, including, most famously, the candlelight dinners at White Castle. But Burger King Israel is taking things to an awkward new level—with a very happy Valentine’s Day meal for adults only.

The meal comes with:

2 Whoppers
2 packs of french fries
2 beers
A romantic ADULT TOY inside
(emphasis BK’s)

“Kids have got their ‘Kid’s Meal.’ But what about grownups? Adults? Shouldn’t they have their own meal too? At least on Valentine’s?” the chain asks.

Yes, BK is now putting sex toys in its combo meals. The offer is available Tuesday only, after 6 p.m. Leo Burnett Israel is the agency.

BK has been experimenting with other kinds of grownup meals lately, with ad agency David helping to introduce the King Senior in Brazil. That meal that came with two Whopper combos—one for a senior citizen, and a free one for the person accompanying them. “Since every meal box comes with a gift, this one is no different. A gift that is more valuable: company,” BK said of the King Senior.

Client: Burger King Israel
Agency: Leo Burnett Israel
Chief Executive Officer: Adam Polachek
Executive Creaive Director: Ami Alush
Copywriter: Oren Ben Naim
Art Director: Meital Miller
Producer: Menny Zarhia
Account Director: Idit Tzukerman
Account manager: Esty Sade
Account Executive: Laura Zimin

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.