Burger King to Modify Spot With Greedy, Lazy Pig of a Mailman

Finally, a victory for the U.S. Postal Service! Not much of one, granted, but they'll take it. The USPS has gotten Burger King to modify an ad in which a mailman admits he sloughed off his responsibilities in order to feast on the chain's French toast sticks and Double Crossain'wich. The Postal Service's specific objection was that BK used its logo and uniform without permission, which historically they've been touchy about, especially if they get made fun of in the process. (This ad has also pissed off dog lovers, by the way, who've taken offense to the reprehensible stereotype that they bite the mailman.) The lazy-mailman stereotype is more objectionable, though. Half-assing your job because you got distracted by food is more of a TSA thing.

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