Burger King Gently Mocks Hungry Drive-Thru Customers Who Can’t Wait Until They’re Home

Agency Buzzman creates relatable scenes as French locations reopen

The campaign shows tell-tale signs of "impatient" fast food fans. Buzzman

Have you ever been to a drive-thru and not reached into the bag for a few hot fries before you’ve even left the parking lot? Of course not, because to resist that level of temptation would require some serious self-control.

As Burger King France reopens its drive-thrus and restaurants in the country following the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has decided to gently troll its eager customers with a series of ads showing scraps of food left in cars.

The print and outdoor campaign, by agency Buzzman, is called “Welcome to the Impatient” and show fries squashed on a leather seat, burger toppings round into a footwell, and sauce smeared all over a steering wheel and gear stick.

Buzzman also generated some…buzz earlier this year when it created ads for the “Quarantine Whopper,” with each ad basically showing how to make your own Burger King signature sandwich at home amid quarantine.


Client: Burger King
marketing director Alexandre Simon
product marketing officer Carole Rousseaul
digital and media officer Alexandra Laviolette
marketing project manager Clarence Zidouhia
media manager Erinna Beaudron

Agency: Buzzman

President and executive creative director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif

Vice president: Thomas Granger

Managing director: Julien Levilain

Creative directors: Lilian Moine & Julien Doucet

Art directors: Stéphane List, Thibault Picot & Yvonnick Le Bruchec

Copywriter: Antoine Moittié

Head of account: Loïc Coelho

Account executive: Guillaume Lhoste

Social media consultant: Félix Brunot and Arnaud Cherbonnier

Head of PR and communication: Amélie Juillet

PR and communication manager: Paul Renaudineau

Production: Assya Mediouni

Production: May Pham

3D Production: Mécanique Générale

Postproduction: Magenta

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