Burger King Gave One Hell of a Christmas Present to Its Biggest Facebook Fan in France

Sullyvan K., prolific commenter, unwraps a restaurant

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Burger King had a remarkable creative year globally. And it’s putting a bow on 2017, quite literally, with a fun stunt in France—wrapping up a whole restaurant and giving it (well, sort of) to its biggest Facebook fan there.

Sullyvan K. has posted more comments than anyone else on BK France’s Facebook page—some 637 and counting. So, BK (and agency Buzzman) said thanks by giving him the biggest gift ever—his very own Burger King restaurant.

BK wrapped up the restaurant (35 workers used over 1 kilometer of material to wrap it in one night) and presented it to Sullyvan. The location now reads “Home of Sullyvan K.” above the door. He was given his own parking spot, his own golden tray, his own table and even his own Whopper packaging. And he gets to eat there for free for a year.

There’s a fun coda to the campaign, too: The person who writes the most comments under the newly posted web film on Facebook will also get a free year of Burger King food. In the first few hours, BK says, there were already more than 40,000 comments.

Client Burger King Marketing Director Béatrice Roux
Marketing Project Manager Stéphanie Péguet
Marketing Project Manager Clémence Le Tannou
Agency Buzzman
President and Executive Creative Director Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice – President Thomas Granger
Managing Director Julien Levilain
Creative Director Jean-Christophe Royer
Artistic Directors & Copywriters Mickael Krikorian & Victor Sidoroff
Assistant Artistic Director Steven Daout
Account Director Pierre Guengant
Account Manager Loïc Coelho
Account Executive Clémence Gateau
Account Executive Assistant Antoine Boizeau
Head of Social Media Julien Scaglione
Social Media Managers Marie Le Scao & Elise Lassimoulie
Head of PR & Communication Amélie Juillet
PR & Communication Assistants Suzanne Langlais & Julie Claeyman
Rights Management Dee Perryman
Head of TV Production Vanessa Barbel
TV Production / Event Assya Mediouni
Assistant Production / Event May Pham
Motion Designer Théo Berdrin
Event Decorator Borderline
Production Full Dawa
Sound Production Comptoir du son (VO FR) / THE (VO US)
Director Jeremy Frey
Producer Alexandre Bonaldi
Post Producer Mathilde Nury
Post Production DLP Paris

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.