Budweiser’s New Bow-Tie Can Is Skinny in the Middle, Unlike Its Target Market

Introducing a 10-degree crinkle

Budweiser is introducing a new type of can, which is strange, because most people felt the old cans were just fine and it was the beer that needed improvement. Kidding, of course—All Hail the King! Thanks to a recent technological breakthrough in aluminum manufacturing, the bow-tie shaped cans, bowing May 6, have skinny middles—the irony of which will not be lost on some of its consumers. Basically, the cans come slightly pre-crushed, which should save folks a few seconds between brews. The can crinkles by 10 degrees in the middle, which means it holds less beer than the classic cylinders (11.3 ounces vs. 12 ounces). But Bud will be selling the bow ties in eight-packs priced nearly the same, ounce for ounce, as traditional SKUs, so the initial outlay to get shit-faced doesn't really change. If the cans catch on, they'll become Bud's new standard, though I'm pretty sure package design alone can't set brands apart and give them distinct personalities—or can it? Via Co.Design.

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