Buddy Mignon serenades meat for Taco Bell


"To me, steak is a lot like the love of a lady … all the juices and just everything—so succulent." So says Buddy Mignon, the geek-faced, mustachioed, sirloin-obsessed lounge crooner introduced in new Draftfcb ads for Taco Bell. When the tone-deaf troubadour belts out lines like "I wanna tear that wrapper off you and eat you like a piece of meat!" you know he means business. See the 30-second spot below. Below that is a three-minute "behind-the scenes" clip, in which Buddy shamelessly confides, "I like to just walk out into a pasture and feel a cow," as he makes boob-grabbing hand gestures. During his set, he strokes the ivories and breathlessly sings the praises of Taco Bell's new Quad burrito, leading the audience in heartfelt choruses of, "Four times the steak!" (It's probably more like 1.4 times the steak, given the client's alleged penchant for cutting its meat with fillers.) This uber-silly stuff scores by being defiantly loud and stupid at every turn. Attention to detail adds to the fun—Buddy's hipster drawl; the flash/trash decor of the steakhouse where he plays; and the sub-Sinatra chapeau he sports during the black-and-white recording session footage. At the risk of slicing the steak puns a tad thick, here we have something rare for Taco Bell: ads that are well done.