This Bud Light's Really for You, With a Write-On Label

For a limited time, Bud Light is pimping a new label that lets you write on your bottle with a key, coin or any pointy thing. As the My Bud Light videos point out (one below, one more after the jump), you can send out invitation beers, write down the number of a hot chick, or just claim which beer is yours at the party and avoid herpes. Honestly, that's a darn good idea right there. Frankly, since no one gives away matchbooks anymore, how else will Americans get digits at bars? Bud Light understands we don't carry pens. It also understands that it has to do something unique, as the popularity of craft brews starts to cut into its bottom line. If you can't make the beer better, you might as well frack with the label. And this is 50 times better than a stupid bar on the label that says if your beer is cold. That's right, Coors Light, Bud Light totally pwned your dumb gimmick with a useful label enhancement. Now that's cold.