Bud Light’s office goons now try to get fired


Having cursed their way through the infamous "Swear Jar" spot in 2008, and stripped down for the "Clothing Drive" sequel last year, Bud Light and DDB's misbehaved office workers go for broke in this just-released third installment. Seeing a laid-off co-worker gratefully accept a case of Bud Light as his severance package, they all start acting as obnoxious as possible to try to get themselves canned—and secure their own cases of watery bliss. The economy must really be doing better if you can joke about layoffs again. "Severance Package," unveiled late Friday, was the carrot in a Facebook contest that challenged Bud Light's fans to guess the plots of its three Super Bowl spots, airing Sunday, based on still images only. Sounds like the fans might not have actually guessed all (or any) of the plots. Says Bud Light in a Facebook note: "Your guesses made us laugh, scratch our heads, and there are some of you we're honestly concerned for. But in the end, your creativity won us over."