Bud Light strips down for ‘Swear Jar’ sequel

Having done the bleeped-out-obscenities thing for its obscenely popular "Swear Jar" spot (recently voted the best commercial of the last decade by Adweek readers), DDB and Bud Light (and production company Tool of North America) go for the visual equivalent in this sequel, called "Clothing Drive." Instead of adding to their Bud Light haul by swearing, here the office employees do so by stripping. The shoot must have been a bit more challenging for all involved, and it's a shame those black "censored" markings aren't quite as funny as bleeps. Still, for those who love seeing office drones in their underwear, you're in luck this Super Bowl season: You can see (and even vote for) a remarkably similar CareerBuilder spot over at this Web site.

—Posted by Tim Nudd