Bud Light’s ‘Bottle Opener’ resurfaces

Budlight_3For those who felt like there wasn’t enough inappropriate humor in this year’s Super Bowl, have a look at this Bud Light spot. Called “Bottle Opener,” it has an empowering message for beer drinkers everywhere: Who needs a bottle opener when an anus will work just as well? The spot is a few years old but seems to be making the rounds virally this week. Here’s the plot: Bartender leaves bar; patron jumps behind bar to get Bud Light; bartender returns; patron hides under bar with ass sticking up; barkeep begins opening bottles in unorthodox manner. Commercial Closet, the group devoted to “bringing GLBT sensitivity to corporate advertising,” has this to say: “This commercial is unusually sexually daring and brutal. It strikes the darkest fear of many heterosexual men with the idea of being raped. While no one would find this situation pleasant, the negative comparison to gay male sex is unavoidable.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd