Brush first before trying out the LungTester

We’ve said it before: Virals often work well if they involve some element of ridicule. More people will forward something to a friend if it has a good chance of making the friend look foolish. This humorous effort by McCann in Norway for a breath-mint client fits the bill. It’s called the LungTester, and it’s set up to ostensibly test one’s lung capacity. You’ve got your official-sounding female narrator with the British accent telling you what to do. You are told to blow into your computer’s microphone for five seconds, to see if you can match the levels recorded by professional athletes. After a second or two, though, the woman pleads with you to “abort the test,” then informs you: “Your breath is disgusting!” It’s fairly simple and, yes, probably effective, even though it makes fun of the user.

—Posted by Tim Nudd