Britney back to skimpy old self for Candie’s

Candie's signed Britney Spears to model its clothes back in March and hosted exclusive backstage video footage of Spears' Virgin-sponsored concert tour, which appears to have a circus–burlesque–powertool theme. They even made a little teaser commercial (above) announcing the campaign, which will appear in print, on TV, online and in Kohl's. But now, finally, we've gotten a sneak peak of the actual print work. However, the rest of the campaign isn't coming out until this summer. Ms. Spears looks great in the shots, so naturally, people are already suggesting that they're digitally enhanced. It's Spears' first apparel endorsement ever, but she's not in bad company. Previous Candie's girls include Fergie, Hayden Panettiere, Kelly Clarkson, Hilary Duff and Ashley Simpson-Wentz. Still, Candie's is taking a big chance with Spears. Though she's unlikely to go all Chris Brown and start a worldwide outcry against domestic violence, she hasn't been out of rehab all that long, and is purportedly trying to get out from under daddy's thumb and back in contact with her manager/alleged drug dealer Sam Lufti. Hopefully, Candie's will make it to the actual campaign before Ms. Spears has another catastrophic meltdown.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers