British PSA: Don’t Get Drunk and Fall Under a Train This Holiday

A sobering warning from the Transport Police

The British Transport Police are airing closed-circuit video recorded earlier this year of a drunk woman slipping underneath a train as part of a campaign designed to illustrate the dangers of excessive drinking this holiday. Are folks really primed to imbibe more alcohol at this time of year? I wonder why. It's not like spirits companies are knocking us over the head with barrels, beguiling us in bus shelters, reviving the careers of Will Ferrell and Hanson or promising "Christmas quality at Hanukkah pricing." Right? All kidding aside, the clip packs a wallop simply because it's 100 percent real. There's no blood—in fact, the subject was only slightly injured. Still, the suddenness of her spill and the potential for tragedy unnerved me more than most overblown traffic-safety PSAs. I'm always doubtful that such efforts will make a difference. That said, watch this clip a few times while sober. Perhaps, after you've downed a few, you'll recall that image of a body sliding helplessly beneath tons of crushing steel. The mental picture might just remind you to make tracks from the bar before you've had too many.

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