British man places ad to say he’s not dead

Sutton Though it’s probably obvious to those who see him around town, John Sutton (shown here) of Tredworth, a small village in the U.K., has taken out a newspaper ad to let everyone know he isn’t dead yet. Some friends had started to plan Sutton’s funeral after he was diagnosed with a lung problem, but the ad sets things straight. It reads: “John Sutton would like to assure his friends and acquaintances that recent reports of his impending demise have been grossly exaggerated. Hospital tests have revealed that a small amount of asbestos present in one lung has been contained by a calcification coating produced by the lung itself. We’re tough from Tredworth! Thank you for your concern.” Compared to other “I’m not dead yet” ads, this one’s heartwarming. See Sutton’s ad, which includes a humorous P.S., after the jump. Via Spare Room.

—Posted by Tim Nudd