British Mall Presents 100 Years of East London Fashion in 100 Seconds

Where's the making-of video?

The Viral Factory produced this short film celebrating 100 years of fashion in East London in 100 seconds to announce the grand opening of retail shopping mecca Westfield Stratford City. In the spot, a guy and a gal start dancing like it's 1911, and by the time they reach 2011, they've tiptoed their way through 100 years' worth of costume changes. It was shot over four days. I wish there was a nice making-of video so I could examine some of the outfits better. I mean, I know chick fashion is, like, 50 times more important than dude fashion, but she's totally blocking a bunch of his outfits. Billed as "the largest urban shopping center in Europe," Westfield Stratford will officially open Sept. 13. If you can barely contain your need to shop before then, just stare longingly at the countdown on the website.