British Department Store Makes Life Quieter With 'Debranded' Products

Heinz, Marmite embrace 'No Noise'

British department store Selfridges, a purveyor of products from hundreds of corporate brands, is so sorry about how you are assaulted by corporate branding. So, as part of its new "No Noise" campaign for 2013, it's selling some famous products that have been stripped of their logos. Heinz, Levi's, Beats by Dre, Marmite and Crème de la Mer are among the brands that have agreed to let Selfridges offer these "unbranded" versions of their products. (Selfridges has even debranded its own bag.) The company explains: "As we become increasingly bombarded with information and stimulation, the world is becoming a noisier place. In an initiative that goes beyond retail, we invite you to celebrate the power of quiet, see the beauty in function and find calm among the crowds."