Is Britain going into an ad-banning frenzy?

Britain’s Telegraph newspaper has taken a fascinating look at the increasingly tough task of advertising just about anything in the U.K.  I recently wrote about the nation’s ban on advertising formula for newborns, along with the effort to block ads for every type of formula. Then there’s the relatively new ban on advertising junk food to kids under 16, which shows how big a bullet our corporations dodged with their voluntary guidelines. (Tellingly, British children’s programming is expected to take a huge hit by the end of the year.) Ad regulators in the U.K. have smashed a longstanding campaign for eggs, and alcohol could be next. Even bald men in tubs are off limits. My personal favorite movement is to ban mainstream ads for 4×4 SUVs “on the grounds of public health.” Of course, the group is trying to get rid of urban SUVs altogether, with the ad ban just being a first step. No 4x4s? But how else is today’s advertising executive supposed to drive over all those Greenpeace protesters in the streets of London?

—Posted by David Griner