In Britain, Bus Shelter Ads Smell Like Delicious Baked Potatoes

An upgrade on existing odors

Ah, the complex olfactory bouquet of the urban bus shelter. Trying to identify individual odors within such dense scent tapestries can be difficult, and most disturbing. That's not the case, however, at some locations in British cities like London and Manchester, where McCain Foods is installing 3-D ad panels that emit the aroma of freshly baked potatoes at the push of a button. Check out the picture. That "potato" looks like a big buttocks to me, but who am I to argue if those barmy Brits want to cop a feel or smear on some sour cream and chives? (Don't be so provincial, people!) McCain says "a hidden heating element gently warms the potato," so I suppose we'll soon be reading about one of those bus stops catching fire and roasting a few soul-crushed commuters in their own jackets. Actually, I kind of like the concept. And while we've seen some things like this in America, we could use more of it. That way, when I'm waiting for the bus and someone asks, "What's that weird smell?" for once I can honestly answer, "Not me!"