Britain Banned This Sweet Heinz Ad, Saying Drumming on Empty Bean Cans Is Dangerous

Don't try this at home?

We haven't heard much from the Advertising Standards Authority for a minute, but our fun-ruining homies across the pond haven't lost a step. This time, the British ad watchdog's target is a Heinz ad in which people use empty bean cans as drums—which nine viewers considered an unsafe practice that shouldn't be encouraged on TV.

The ASA agreed with the complaints, and banned the ad, saying people could cut themselves on the empty cans. Given that the video starts with a tutorial on how to make bean-can drums, which includes taping over the sharp edges, I'd say Heinz covered their bases pretty well here.

The brand is also shrugging off the ASA's official reprimand, because the campaign is ending anyway, or so they claim.

My main complaint about the ad is the song. It's not bad, but the rhythm they picked out is too busy and clashes with an otherwise simple jingle (I often refer to this as Travis Barker Syndrome). Calling the practice unsafe is ridiculous, though, especially on the strength of nine complaints. More people will cut themselves opening Heinz cans than by imitating what they've seen here. 

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