Brian Williams’ New Show Off to Decent Start With Promos

'Rock Center' by way of '30 Rock'

Does anyone need to be reminded that Brian Williams is a sly dawg whose journalistic gravitas coexists easily with self-deprecating humor? Sure, why not? The dapper newsman stars in a couple of promos for his upcoming NBC show, Rock Center With Brian Williams, that display both his dry wit and his A-list reporting team (which does not include Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers). The spots, from L.A.-based Stun Creative, aim to pique interest in the newsmagazine, which launches Halloween night. NBC desperately needs a hit, and Williams, Ted Koppel, et al, just might deliver. At the very least, they're likely to bring in more eyeballs than the previous occupant of the time slot, The Playboy Club, with a lot less sniping from TV's morality police. Second spot after the jump.