Breaking: Lynx Ads Banned for Objectifying Women

Lucy Pinder series is given a spanking

After courting religious controversy in South Africa, ads for Lynx body spray (marketed as Axe in the U.S.) have returned to their old standard of getting banned for sexual reasons. A series of ads featuring model and Nuts magazine columnist Lucy Pinder's ample cleavage got the chop from the U.K. Advertising Standards Authority, which ruled that they "make a link between purchasing the product and sex with women, and in so doing would be seen to objectify women." You think so? One of the ads shows Lucy bending over an oven door in her underwear. That's got to set some kind of industry record for blatant gender stereotyping, but it could have been worse. It's a good thing for everyone involved that she wasn't basting that turkey. Couple more ads after the jump.