Breaking up isn’t really that hard to do

A guy in Germany has started a company that can help you break up with your spouse or lover. In our growing spirit of offering ideas for ads, here’s my take on what these guys need: Grassy meadow, light breeze, a few puffy clouds. (This whole scene can be accomplished digitally.) Camera pans slowly to a couple on a blanket, as a soft classical suite plays. (Nothing cliché. Maybe we get McCartney to write something.) As the man moves in, the woman subtly moves away. Cut to: his apartment. He watches TV. She gazes out the window. Close-up on her. Something is amiss. Cut to: fancy restaurant. Champagne. The man bends down on one knee. The woman is shocked and embarrassed. Suddenly, Shannen Doherty is there. “Dude, you just don’t get it, do you? It’s over.” Tagline: “We’ll be your strength.” Maybe a cross-marketing deal with the He’s Just Not That Into You authors?

—Posted by Aaron Baar