Breakfast-Cereal Mascots as You Never Wanted to See Them Before

Guillermo Fajardo's creepy 'dramatic creatures'

If you've ever wondered what your favorite breakfast-cereal mascots would look like as real people, I've got good news and bad news: Someone's brought them to life, and the results are horrifying. Over the past six months, Peruvian illustrator Guillermo Fajardo has been creating digital art that reimagines cartoonish cereal characters as what he calls "moving and dramatic creatures." The recently finished series includes Captain Crunch, the Trix Rabbit, Count Chocula and Frosted Flakes's Tony the Tiger. Each is disturbing in its own way, with the rabbit looking like more of a serial killer than a cereal mascot, not to mention Count Chocula drowning his cereal in the blood of innocents. In recent days, Fajardo's work has broken into the big-time blogosphere, where he's been written up by heavies like Geek Tyrant, Neatorama, Boing Boing and Huffington Post. Check out several images from the series after the jump.