Brazilian Authors Publish New Stories Only in Braille in Powerful PSA for the Blind

Sighted readers' turn to learn deprivation

The Blind Book, a project by Brazilian agency DM9Sul, seeks to give sighted people in Brazil some insight into how it feels—as blind people do every day—to be denied access to literary works because they are not published in a format they can read.

Working with the Dorina Nowill Foundation and Danish healthcare company Novo Nordisk, DM9Sul got 10 leading Brazilian authors to produce a collection of new, original stories—on the theme, "Everything we cannot see"—that was then published exclusively in Braille.

This was meant to highlight the fact that only 5 percent of books in Brazil have Braille editions, even though half a million sight-impaired people live in that country. "Besides raising awareness, the project seeks to engage society in helping change this reality," says Márcio Callage, CEO of DM9Sul.

Sighted people will be able to experience the stories, but only by listening to them. There's a Portuguese audiobook version, and this website will offer films of the stories being read aloud by blind people.

This marks the second time in recent weeks that books have been used in novel ways to drive social-issues initiatives. The Drinkable Book, from DDB and Water Is Life, educates at-risk populations about hygiene and sanitation while its pages serve as filters to purify contaminated water.

Hopefully, such fusions of media and message, which transcend traditional PSAs and add extra dimension to their causes, will open some eyes and improve people's lives.


Client: Fundação Dorina Nowill Para Cegos (Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind)

Agency: DM9Sul

Chief Executive Officer: Márcio Callage

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