Brave Commerce Podcast: Navigating Ecommerce on a Global Scale

Boris Rütten of Henkel explores the potential of artificial intelligence

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In this episode of Brave Commerce, Boris Rütten, head of global ecommerce at CPG giant Henkel, discusses the ever-changing landscape of global ecommerce, emphasizing the need for continuous adaptation and staying attuned to market trends in order to achieve sustainable growth.

Rütten shares his insights on managing stakeholders, underlining the significance of listening and staying close to global markets to understand consumer pain points.

He also highlights the importance of learning from external sources to gain valuable insights into successful ecommerce strategies and applying their suggestions to enhance your business.

Rütten emphasizes the importance of understanding market differences and the need for a unified, well-aligned strategy when initiating new business partnerships. He highlights that successful partnerships require a combined approach, a shared plan and awareness of each other’s priorities.

In addition, Rütten explores the potential that AI offers ecommerce, particularly in content creation. He encourages everyone in the industry to stay informed, experiment with new technologies and understand the possible impact AI could have on the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Establishing successful partnerships in business requires a collaborative approach.
  • Staying vigilant and adaptable to market trends is essential for sustained growth.
  • Customizing strategies according to market-specific needs is key to thriving globally.