Brave Commerce Podcast: Building Value in an Ever-Evolving Digital Landscape

Andy Markowitz of the New York Mets shares his secret to securing rewarding future opportunities later in his career

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During this episode of BRAVE COMMERCE, Andy Markowitz, vp of Digital Retention and Acquisition Marketing at the New York Mets, highlights the importance of adapting digitally, maintaining strong professional relationships and continuously building value in the fast-paced marketing landscape.

Markowitz delves into his role at the Mets, focusing on the value of thoroughly understanding a company’s audience and explains how the Mets utilize strategies like propensity modeling and journey automation to captivate existing fans and attract new ones. By leveraging the Met’s digitally enabled buying experiences and entry points, he explains how this data is employed to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

Markowitz defines the importance of analyzing various digital channels, such as organic search, display and paid social media placements to optimize a company’s marketing efforts. After landing his new role at the New York Mets, he shares that his secret to securing rewarding future opportunities later in his career was fostering relationships and maintaining adaptability in the face of a constantly evolving digital landscape.

Key takeaways:

  • Revolutionize audience engagement by becoming more approachable, accessible and relatable
  • Optimize marketing efforts by exploring various channels, including search, paid advertising, display and paid social media
  • Nurturing relationships is essential for maintaining future professional prospects